Corporation Dissolution in New York City, New York County, Raleigh NC and Surrounding Areas

Are you planning to dissolve your business? Then, you must know that not every business is going to last permanently. Instead of being emotional or regretful, you should look forward to a new chapter of life. And most importantly, you have to look at a few practical things that must be done before closing the business. We, at BizValue Ltd., can help. We can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what is corporation dissolution, and also give you a correct and authentic financial analysis. So, if you are from areas in and around Nassau County NY, New York City, New York County NY, Raleigh NC, or Suffolk County NY, then you can resort to us.

Here, we have gathered a few queries about the dissolution of your company if you are getting involved in something like this for the first time. Take a look.

• When can dissolve the company?

If your company is not making profits, you are facing partnership disputes, or you simply want to start something new, you can dissolve this business and start something new. But make sure your business meets the criteria of company dissolution such as it should not have changed the brand name in the last 3 months or have not traded or sold any stock in the last 3 months, and so on.

• How will I dissolve my company?

Generally, dissolving a company is done through the filling up of a form and then getting it approved by most of your directors. Then, it is sent to the company’s house, presented to the investors, creditors, employees, or shareholders. Within a period of 3 months, your company will get closed if there has been no objection from anybody.

In order to know more about the procedure and your responsibilities and duties, you should consult a professional company. And if you want to hire us for this, then quickly call us at (631) 754-3779 now.