Business Divorce in New York City, Raleigh NC, New York County NY, and all the Surrounding Areas

When a partnership of any kind runs into troubled waters, individuals often seek to move away from each other. The concept of a business divorce is the same. It implies that 2 or more individuals who were involved in a business transaction no longer wish to work with each other. We, at BizValue Ltd., aim to do our best to assist companies in going about this sort of a situation in as sensitive a way as possible. Such a situation can happen for many reasons including a disagreement over policy or strategy or the sharing of costs and profits. It even happens when business partners have personal reasons to move away. Our business includes more than this. They are trained to handle each and every case with care and tact, so as to be of maximum benefit and cause as little emotional distress as possible. We serve customers in Nassau County NY, New York City, New York County NY, Raleigh NC, and Suffolk County NY. 

Business Divorce in New York City, Raleigh NC, New York County NY

Here, we have made a list of 3 ways in which such a situation can be dealt with in the easiest way possible. Take a look. 

  • Proper Evaluation of Assets 

Firstly, professionals need to be hired to perform asset valuation activities and assess how to divide it up amongst people. A company can have different types of tangible and intangible assets. It would thus be a wise decision to let experts handle it. 

  • Agreement Over Division of Liabilities  

Secondly, every company that goes through this sort of a situation will have to fulfill all liabilities that have arisen in the course of the business. The partners have to decide how to pay off these liabilities to allow parting of ways to be economically hassle-free. 

  • Finding a Buyer 

Lastly, if the business is still viable after all payouts are made, then looking for a third party buyer would be in the best interest of both the company as well as its partners. It could be a good long-term solution. 

So, if you are going through this unfortunate situation, get in touch with us to make it all easy for you.