New York City Business Appraisal and Valuation Using Forensic Accounting

Forensic Financial Consultant

BizValue, Ltd. offers a host of services to enterprises in the NYC metro area. We specialize in middle-market business appraisals and litigation support services for business owners in the midst of legal disputes. Our affiliation with the National Business Valuation Group, a professional organization for business valuation and litigation support specialists, underscores our commitment to the highest ethical and performance standards in our industry.

BizValue’s staff has earned certifications in business appraisal and financial forensics, as well as business valuation credentials, from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). With years of experience providing both legal support and financial guidance to mid-market businesses, BizValue is a leader in the field of business valuation and forensic accounting.

Business Appraisal & Valuation for New York City Companies

Once a formal business appraisal has been conducted, carefully inventorying a business’s assets and liabilities, there are multiple ways to calculate a business valuation. While many people are familiar with book value, in which liabilities are subtracted from tangible assets, this method is often too simplistic.

In legal contexts, such as formal disputes between shareholders, a more nuanced approach is needed. BizValue has the experience and in-depth industry knowledge to produce a business valuation using a standard known as “fair value,” which is appropriate for court cases.

Calculating a Valuation for Your NYC Metro Area Business via Forensic Accounting

When the numbers on your balance sheets just don’t add up, the experts at BizValue, Ltd. can undertake a forensic accounting investigation. Piecing together factual information from disparate sources of financial data, we’ll recreate the paper trail and explain your business’s fiscal situation in clear terms.

If you need a business valuation but cannot find consistent information on your assets and liabilities, BizValue will use forensic accounting data to create a forensic-based valuation for your New York City business.

Dividing Assets: Business Divorce in New York City

A business divorce involves the separation of business interests during the dissolution of a business partnership. As in any situation where two parties had intended to share something of value indefinitely, a business divorce brings up thorny questions. What is the value of time versus money invested in a business? How can intellectual property that was created together be fairly divided? Does the dissolution of a business partnership mean the end of the business?

You need to engage expert help to divide assets fairly in a business divorce situation. With offices in the greater New York City metro area, BizValue Ltd. has the necessary resources to successfully manage the complexities of a business divorce.

From conducting a thorough business appraisal to generating a fair business valuation, BizValue Ltd. can help you understand the true value of your business. Wherever you do business in the NYC metro area, BizValue’s dedicated team of lawyers and certified public accountants will stand by you as you navigate the problematic conundrums of equitably dividing your business assets.

If you and your business partner are no longer on good terms and a business divorce looms in your future, don’t hesitate to protect yourself by taking action now. Call BizValue, Ltd. today at (631) 754-3779. We’ll be happy to set up a free consultation.