Commercial Litigation

Disputes involving economic damages, financial losses and the valuation of businesses and business interests have increased dramatically over time. While the determination of damages may be the most important issue in a case, it may also be the most uncertain. In today’s litigation environment, a seasoned expert who can appropriately address the complexities of these dealings has become a real necessity. Calculating or disputing a damages claim often requires an analysis of what the plaintiff’s financial conditions would have been “but for” the defendant’s actions. The professionals of BizValue support damage calculations by using historical financial data and applying their business expertise to produce comprehensive financial forecasts and valuation models that can withstand the highest scrutiny.

Our analyses are prepared to support litigation involving:

  • Corporation, Limited Liability Company, and Partnership Disputes
  • Fair Value Determination in Minority Oppression & Dissention Actions
  • Damages for Usurping Corporate Opportunity
  • Loss of Compensation from Corporate Waste, Fraud, or Conversion
  • Derivative Claims by the Corporation versus Shareholders or Partners
  • Lost Business Value or Diminution in Value
  • Economic Damage Quantification
  • Business Interruption Claims / Lost Profit Analyses
  • Discrete Breach of Contract Claims
  • Loss of Business and Slow Death Claims
  • Professional Malpractice / Negligence Actions
  • Class Action Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Infringement Claims
  • Lost Wage / Wrongful Termination Claims
  • Wrongful Death Claims
At BizValue, we specialize in comprehensive analyses that are carefully documented and rigorously supported. Our professionals have the knowledge, expertise and credibility to effectively communicate their findings to clients, courts, arbitrators and mediators, resulting in a positive outcome for our clients.