Shareholder Disputes & Litigation in the NYC Metro Area

When facing shareholder disputes and shareholder litigation, business owners in New York City turn to the experts at BizValue. With multiple certifications and accreditations in accounting, business valuation, and litigation support, BizValue, Ltd. has the wealth of professional experience to lead businesses through contentious circumstances to an equitable and satisfactory resolution.

Shareholder Disputes That Lead to Shareholder Litigation against Your New York City Business

Having the monetary backing of shareholders can be a boon to your business. However, with the financial stake of each shareholder comes a responsibility to act in the shareholder’s best interest. Unfortunately, business owners and shareholders don’t always see eye-to-eye, leading to shareholder disputes.
If a shareholder dispute escalates into a potential court case, you need outstanding litigation support in the New York City courtroom. BizValue, Ltd. has the background and knowledge to lead you successfully through the long and complex shareholder litigation process.
From the pre-filing phase through filing a motion in court, BizValue will make each part of the process clear, and assist you with any necessary paperwork. Whether all parties agree to settle out of court, or the case goes to trial, we’ll help you understand your legal and financial options.

Setting a Fair Value Standard for Businesses in the NYC Metro Area

The seasoned business appraisers and accountants at BizValue, Ltd. have exceptional training, industry knowledge, and hands-on experience to provide your New York City business with a proper valuation based on the fair value standard. This standard is sometimes known as “Delaware Fair Value,” since some legal fair value standards have been based upon decisions of the Delaware court system.

Considered the method of choice for producing a business valuation that will stand up to the rigors of a court case, the fair value standard ensures that all parties in shareholder disputes and other types of business litigation would receive their fair share of a business. Each party’s prorated share of the business or its profits, based upon their respective investment in the business, can be determined using the fair value standard—whether the resolution of the disagreement involves a series of payouts or complete business dissolution.

New York City Business Dissolution

In the unfortunate event of a business dissolution, BizValue, Ltd. is there for business owners throughout every step of the legal process. We’ll perform a business appraisal, determine the correct business valuation using the fair value standard, and support you in business dissolution negotiations. We work with lawyers, insurance companies, judges, and arbitrators to protect your interests as the business dissolution is finalized.

Middle market business owners in the greater NYC metro area know they can count on BizValue for litigation support, fair value appraisals, and accounting services. With offices conveniently located in New York City and Long Island, our professional staff is dedicated to serving your best interests in a business dissolution, shareholder dispute, or other complicated corporate legal matter. Call us today at (631) 754-3779 and we’ll be happy to assist you.