Shareholder Oppression and Shareholder Dispute in New York County NY and Nearby Cities

If you run a commercial business, then you will realize the importance of hiring a service that helps you deal with any kind of shareholder impression. Look for an experienced and credible company which is known for accuracy, efficiency, and remarkable assistance with respect to any shareholder arguments or difference in opinions. We, at BizValue Ltd., bring you a number of services including business valuation, business appraisal, forensic valuation, business divorce, corporate dissolution, shareholder disputes and oppression, or shareholder litigation, and so on. Being an affiliate of the National Business Valuation Group, one of the biggest business valuation associations in the country, we have earned a solid reputation for ourselves in the market. If you are based in and around areas like Nassau County NY, New York City, New York County NY, Raleigh NC, or Suffolk County NY, then you should resort to us immediately.

Are you wondering why you need professional assistance to deal with shareholder oppression are? Here, we have discussed a few such reasons. Take a look.

1. Shareholder Vulnerability

Minority shareholders are left in a vulnerable state owing to this kind of oppression. And since these scenarios are most common in close corporations which lack a public market for shares, the minority shareholders feel even more insecure as they cannot sell the shares and exit the corporation to escape this ill-treatment.

2. Economic Harm

The shareholders who enjoy a majority might harm the minority shareholders economically by refraining from declaring dividends or trying a squeezeout. It can also lock the minority out of the business premises and deny them the right to carry out inspections of books or records, causing them to sue every time they need such references.

So, if you want to avoid such complications caused by the majority shareholders, you can come to us today. Just call us at 631) 754-3779 and get a free consultation from us.