Forensic Accounting in New York City, Raleigh NC, New York County NY, and all Surrounding Areas

Criminal activities are on the rise now more than ever before. This has made it necessary for government and private agencies alike to keep upgrading their methods of crime prevention in the swiftest and most effective way possible. We, at BizValue Ltd, offer our expert services in this field at reasonable prices. We take into account all kinds of financial and non-financial activities of the parties involved to generate our accounting results and reports. We have separate departments that handle different kinds of bookkeeping work like forensic accounting, insurance claims, insurance frauds, bank frauds, frauds in online transactions, and many more. We provide our services in the areas of Nassau County NY, New York City, New York County NY, Raleigh NC, and Suffolk County NY with utmost dedication and precision. 

Forensic Accounting in New York City, Raleigh NC, New York County NY

Here, we have listed 4 types of measuring and accounting activities that an expert in this field undertakes. Take a look. 

  • Financial Loss in Legal Cases 

It often happens that during a legal case one party unwittingly breaches contracts and this makes it susceptible to financial losses. An accountant specializing in making such calculations is hired in such a case. 

  • Payout Disputes 

After companies close their doors workers are given severance packages and payout options. If there are disputes in these, an accountant is hired to step in and assess monetary losses or gains. Such situations can range from negligence claims to unlawful termination suit files. 

  • Bankruptcy Cases 

If a company of any standing needs to declare it bankrupt, it takes the help of professionals who work to make the process of filing for bankruptcy smooth and as less financially challenging as possible. 

  • Money Laundering and Terrorist Funding 

One particular area where this specific branch of accounting is gaining importance is the prevention of money laundering and the prevention of the use of money to fund terrorist activities. Experts may even be called to court to present their reports as evidence for ongoing trials. 

So, if you need experts to assist you in this sort of reporting and analysis, then give us a call at (631) 754-3779.